Friday, May 29, 2009

Modern Day Gold Rush

This room by Tobi Fairley is a wonderful example of how one can create a room which is bold and opulent while remaining fresh and tasteful, not a task for the layman as it often easily misses the mark. By paying careful attention to the pattern's scale and utilizing a monochromatic palette with touches of metallic gold, she executed an incredibly glamorous, classic interior. Well done, Ms. Fairley! Absolutely loving the Fortuny chandelier.

Below are a few selections from DOXA Home which were inspired by this room...


Meade Design Group said...

I had the pleasure to do an interview with Tobi and I used the same image to present her talent. I love the difference in scale that she uses and the selection of the pieces you made are stunning - the ceiling lamp and the branch lamp are to die for, and the mirror and the knot table - too much eye candy! said...

Well, I will have to look up that interview, i assume it was on your blog...which is fabulous, by the way! Must have been posted prior to my discovering it. Thanks for the compliment on the selections, all the best Ivan.


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