Friday, June 12, 2009

La La Over Londolozi

“During my long walk to freedom, I had the rare privilege to visit Londolozi. There I saw people of all races living in harmony amidst the beauty that Mother Nature offers. Londolozi represents a model of the dream I cherish for the future of nature preservation in our country” – Nelson Mandela

At Londolozi the Varty family values are everywhere in evidence; in the personalized service, the commitment to conservation, the ambiance of simplicity and elegance, and naturally, in the welcome received on arrival.

Socially, economically and environmentally responsible; Londolozi is a privately owned game reserve built on solid foundations and almost a century of family history; welcoming to all, exploring new frontiers and exceeding expectations.

True to its name Londolozi has become fertile ground for kindling aspirations for a better future for all, for a planet abounding in open spaces, wild animals and people living together in dignity and harmony.

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