Saturday, October 3, 2009

Dream Screens

Screens have been used for centuries and have found their way into every type of aesthetic, from formal to casual, from classical to modern and used for both functional as well as decorative purposes. Screens are an amazing way of creating architecture within a space that either may lack inherent detail or the space may need to be presented at a more human scale, a trick which John Saladino and Bobby Mcalpine have both used for years. They are also wonderful when used to create delineation within a large open space, as seen by Vicente Wolf. Another fun way to use a screen is as a backdrop for either a sofa or used as a headboard, screens are a wonderful way to soften a "dead" corner or, when used in a pair, a beautiful way to frame out a piece you wish to highlight as seen by both Anouska Hemple and Coorengel & Calvagrac. They take up relatively little floor space but always bring a lot to a space's visual interest. In this post we will highlight many examples of how screens are being used by some of today's most accomplished designers, along with a few legends. DOXA Home will be offering 25% OFF all our screens, found under our accessories department, through next Saturday, Oct 10, 2009. Simply enter the code SCREEN10 at checkout and your discount will be applied.


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