Saturday, November 7, 2009

Faux and Fab Wallpapers

I think this Rinekwall paper would be ridiculously fabulous in a powder bath used with black and gold and a mirrored ceiling!

Rinekwall is for the client who no longer needs to depend on art to make a statement. The impact of a room with the revolutionary photographic wallpaper, developed by John Rinek and designed by Dana Agamalian, is simply 'out of the box' decorating at its finest. The pure essence of the designs, such as the signature Barbed Wire or luscious Red Feather Roses, can only be captured by innovative photography. Today's designers no longer can depend on a new theme or color to say they are forward thinkers. Rinekwall opens a new world of thought in creating moods and ambiance in any room of any size.

The collection grows each day by leaps and bounds, always staying ahead of the curve with artistic and technical breakthroughs.

Rinekwall transforms any wall to say "I am something special, the person who chose me is someone special, and, as you admire me, you are someone special."

Typically I am not one for an "accent wall" however I believe this paper would be gorgeous used in that manner.

I love this as a cheeky take on plaid, possibly used in a library or study?

Again, another twist, at least in my opinion;)  It feels like a damask to me when viewed in its entirety.

I would love to see this used on a wall in an industrial, concrete floored loft!  Another "accent" wall...what is happening to me?

Wouldn't the following three look spectacular used in a powder room?!

Anyone who knows me knows I adore Spain!  The Andalucia collection (the two below) is so amazing as it truly looks likes Moorish tile work.  I could see this paper used in any one of the many Spanish Colonial and Mediterranean homes which are all over Florida as well as California.  Additionally, I think this collection would look great used with very modern furniture. 

Wouldn't this be a fun paper to line a glass front or open cabinet or bookcase?

Perfect papers to line one's closet with, you could not help but smile every time you opened the door: 

While this following paper may be a bit less glamorous than the two previous selections, it made me smile as it reminded me of a music video filmed by my friend and noted Jamaican director, Ras Kassa.  It is for Alaine and was filmed on location at one of my most favorite places in the world, Jakes in Treasure Beach, Jamaica.  Truly heaven.  Sigh.......

All of these may be purchase through your designer or Doxa Design Group, Inc.  You may contact me at for samples and pricing.


Cristin said...

wow, what wonderful color and texture! thanks for sharing.

cristin @ simplified bee

Jaime @ DOXA said...

Cristin, they also do amazing custom work as well as private label, thanks for stopping by sweets;)

Greet said...

Hallo Jaime,
Thanks to your comment on my blog I discovered your beautiful blog!


Jaime @ DOXA said...


Why thank you, such a compliment coming from you. Belgian Pearls is a beautiful blog! Thanks for visiting.

All the best,


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