Tuesday, November 10, 2009

How Much Is That Doggy In The Window?

So I read the cutest post a couple of weeks ago, it was calling for readers to send in photos of their pets with a piece of furniture.  And now.....in my old age, I am completely unable to recall where the post was made!  Having said that, if you know who made the post, please share with me;)  Here are a few pics of my own little angels...

Photo above is Cookie, my adopted Cocker Spaniel/Something Else,  checking out what's going on outside with the assistance of a root console from my childhood days.

She doesn't seem to care the pillows are Osborne and Little?  Not sure what is up with her eyes in the photo, LOL!

And Shenanigans, my adopted Siamese/Something Else, taking a nap on the very same Michael Vanderbyle sofa....opposite end.

If you have any photos to share, please do!  Besos.


Cristin said...

They are both so cute! The cat seems to have more important things to do than be in a photo shoot!


Jaime said...

Thanks Cristin! I think you are right, lol, not even remotely concerned;)


Tricia - Avolli said...

Love the images of your pets. I also have a brown & white cocker spaniel so yours really caught my eye. Your kitty is sweet too!

Jaime @ DOXA said...

Oh thanks! She is my little love, aren't Cockers the most lovable dogs?! So nice to see you here, I really enjoy your blog and your shop has such beautiful antiques as well! Thanks for coming by;)



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