Friday, November 13, 2009

Welcome to Jamrock

It is great to see Kingston getting some of the recognition it rightly deserves!  The New York Times recently published a piece, quoting Carleene Samuels (Film Producer Extraordinaire, Yogi and DOXA friend), singing the praises of this vibrant and unique Caribbean city.

Read the New York Times article here, Kingston: Trading Beach Chairs for Barstools

We have been collaborating with Guru Films over this past year as we are set to remodel their Kingston offices, below are a few pieces from DOXA's Kingston Collection,  inspired by my many trips to the lovely island as well as our conversations with the Guru himself, Mr. Ras Kassa.  The collection is made up of traditional British Colonial elements, African influences and modern furnishings made of materials reflective of its local agriculture and natural resources, such as coconut and aluminum (which reference not only the zinc roof homes throughout the countryside but also the island's bauxite industry).

Nickel and Leather Lantern, DOXA

Please visit DOXA Home for the complete Kingston Collection.

To all my Yardies,  Soon Come;)


animal print gal said...

I LOVE your zebra bench!...Such a clessic piece! A great accent to enter some piZzaz to any room!

Jaime @ DOXA said...

APG- Thanks! You are so right, it would add a bit of pizazz to any decor....timeless;) Thanks for visiting us!



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