Thursday, January 21, 2010

Get Confused

OK, OK...I know he is no longer president...but this is just such a classic photo of our former prez, and exactly how I felt when I first began the process of creating a presentation for this week's upcoming St Petersburg Times Home Show.  While flattered to have been asked again,  I was at a loss for content, however I have sorted it all out and the content will be revealed through the blog over the next several months or so.  Anyway, I am apologizing for having been completely absent from the blog world but between the aforementioned presentation and a last minute request to take two (plus) rooms in the Florida Orchestra's showhouse (nevermind my regular projects!), I have been swamped in research and "development".  I happen to love the research process and always have soundtracks to keep me going.  Here are a few choice selections from today's playlist...Enjoy;)

Peter Bjorn-Young Folks

Chromeo-Bonafied Lovin'

 Fischerspooner-Get Confused.....The post' namesake;)

A fabulous remix of Grand National's "Talk Amongst Yourselves" by  renowned British, now NYC East Villager,  DJ Sasha.  A longtime friend who also married the most lovely little dish from Tampa, Ms Zoie;)  Hmmmm...they are both design buffs, perhaps you may see more of them in the future here on our lil blog...

Santigold-Shove It

Retro acknowledgment, inspired by the previous choon...Althea and Donna-Upton Top Rankin'

Something a little mellow and sexy to close the post out...XOXO
Daft Punk-Something About Us (Love Theme)

Ok, one more sexy little tune which most of you have heard in adverts however the original is simply breath pun intended;)

Hope you enjoyed the joints as much as myself....till next week.  Au revoire...for now.  Please do not forget to visit our shop, DOXA Home, as we are donating 10% of our profits to Doctors Without Borders in Haiti.  Till next time;)


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Ragland Hill Social by Gwen Driscoll said...


I've missed talking with you this week too. I've been crazy, inundated with new clients and projects. Great problem to have but been running crazy! Make sure you go see RHS tomorrow. I think you'll like "My Favorite White Things"! There are some from DOXA Home!


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