Saturday, January 9, 2010

La Casa de Mis Sueños

Exactly what I love, a pragmatic, relevant interior which successfully reinvents use of local materials and architecture with modern design, further personalized by a diverse collection of high and low brow art, artifacts and found objects...note the Yves Klein sculpture;)

This is a project by Venezuelan architect Fernando Arriaga featured in a 2006 (or so) issue of Elle Decor, I immediately fell in complete love with this project as I am planning to develop a piece of property in Treasure Beach, Jamaica and THIS is exactly what I want, with Jamaican materials and culture reflected of course. 

The home owner wanted a property which would speak to the area's vernacular while remaining modern with interiors "as pale as the inside of a seashell".

Check out that view....sigh

Looking from the pool towards the living interior space

The view opposite the sea...oh and the helicopter pad;)

 A little interior/exterior modern rock garden

 Guest bedroom which actually sits under the helipad featured earlier

Another view of the same guest room

 The meditation room...I sigh.  How amazing is that?!

Master suite bathroom

Master bedroom with a view that does not suck

Thanks to Molly Scissors from  Elle Decor for graciously putting me in contact with Mr Arriaga, hopefully one day I will be posting on my own island utopia;)


my favorite and my best said...

right about now this looks like the most amazing place on earth.

the NEO-traditionalist said...

Gorgeous! I once visited a friend from Mexico City for the holidays and was whisked off to Ixtappa to a party in a similarly built home (on a cliff overlooking the ocean, lacking several exterior walls). It was magical as is this place!
XX Kate

Connie @ Sogni e Sorrisi said...

Beautiful! What I wouldn't do to be there right now!

red ticking said...

STUNNING... i am leaving for the airport right now! love your blog... x pam


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