Thursday, March 25, 2010

Pining for McAlpine...Sigh

I have been gushing over the latest House Beautiful all week!  I love how they profiled the relaxed, fresh look of wood with such versatility.  Well, here is another gorgeous project featured in this month's issue, by none other than the remarkable Bobby McAlpine and Susan Ferrier.  I have been a fan of Mr McAlpine's work since my entry into interior design, for much the same reason I adore John Saladino's work as they have many similarities, at least in my opinion.  Both create romantic yet polished interiors, full of charm with a nice balance between the old and the new world.  I hope you enjoy the following images, although I highly recommend you run out and purchase the issue as the online images in no way serve the layouts justice.  Following these images are a few items from DOXA Home which you could use to implement this gracious aesthetic into your own space.  Please do not forget about the promotion we are running through this Saturday, 15% off all items featured in our Bleach Oak Collection, simply enter the code BOC10 at checkout and your discount will be applied.

Fortuny can do NO my book;)

The use of a portiere, something I have used many times over the years.  Thank you Mr. McAlpine, Mr. Saladino, Mr. Wolf and Mr. Ortiz, designers from whom I initially learned this fabulous little trick.

Love the mottled, antiqued mirror...

Another perspective of the portiere

And yet another view of the oh so fabulous portiere...a great tool for softening a space as well as creating a delineation point.

What a wonderful way to create a curtained bed in a room with a peaked ceiling, love....what could be more romantic.  Well, I have a few ideas but will refrain from sharing;)

Please be sure to pick up a copy of McAlpine's latest book, The Home Within Us.

Sheesham Wood and Glass Museum Dome, $58

Star Lantern, $450

Bryce Wall Sconce, $185

Bedside Benton Chest, $713

Mansion Chandelier, $3687

Cris Cross Dining Table, $1520

Thurston Floor Lamp, $625


James said...

Thank you for this post. I just learned something new. I wasn't aware of the portiere term and definitely have noticed it before and like it.

Of course, McAlpine is my favorite. Did you see my post about his new online journal: Communiqué?

BTW, I'm really digging that Cris Cross table you listed at the end of the post. Is it the same one from the McAlpine house?

my favorite and my best said...

love that slipcover on that sofa. i want one too!!!!!!

Lila said...

Oh those are beautiful! I love fortuny's Vivaldi pattern! Gorgeous!
Lila Ferraro
Queen Bedroom Sets


I'm a neutral palette girl at heart so of course, I loved those rooms. How are you? I'm loving the balmy weather here in Palm Beach-have to go home tomorrow :(

Renae said...

I'm drooling over all of the linen used in all of the rooms. Sooo beautiful!

red ticking said...

lovely... we need to figure out how to work together!

SogniSorrisi said...

Beautiful. Love that first photo.

Marija said...

I think I do need that book - too many good images that I want to see on big glossy pages! Love that Benton side table. I'll take two please! Marija


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