Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Wood You, Could You? I Say...YES!

We are loving the new issue of House Beautiful!  It is dedicated to the "New Look of Wood", Natural, Light and Relaxed.  The first four photos of this post are actually pulled from this issue and they feature the soft yet modern Shelter Island property of Harriet Maxwell Macdonald and Andrew Corrie.  Macdonald and Corrie are the founders of the terribly chic NYC boutique, Ochre.  Ochre is a favorite of DOXA Design Group as we source from them regularly, it was such a treat to open up HB and see their layout!

At DOXA we have been feeling this move towards paler woods for sometime and created a Bleached Oak Collection that has over 50 items which speak to this aesthetic.   As you will see in the following images, this palette is beautiful in modern, traditional, casual and formal interiors...the choice is yours to make.

Through Saturday, the 28th, DOXA Home will be offering our readers 15% off all items in the Bleached Oak Collection!  Simply enter the discount code, BOC10, at checkout and your deductions will be applied.  Please email us photos of your pieces once in your space, we love seeing our pieces translated into your personal interiors, you may email me at jrogers@doxahome.com.  I hope you enjoy...

Image courtesy of Country Living

Sure to be a classic image in the blogosphere, Jill Sharp Brinson's home featured on the cover of House Beautiful.

Jeffrey Bilhuber, image courtesy of House Beautiful

Jeffrey Bilhuber, image courtesy of House Beautiful

Jeffrey Bilhuber, image courtesy of House Beautiful

Image courtesy of Cote de Texas

Image courtesy of Cote de Texas

Below are just a few of the pieces from DOXA Home including items from our Bleached Oak Collection, The New Look of Wood:

Matthew Bed, Queen Size $4995

Kimberley Side Chair, $488

Gesso French Wooden Chandelier, $950

Wooden Chiang Console, $925

Carved Panel Chair, $675

Chippendale Arm Chair, $525

Vintage Inspired Reflecting Sconce, $425

Woven Lily Chair, $490

White Washed Pedestal, $775

White Washed Daybed, $5000, COM available

Reclaimed Wood and Iron Table, $1650

Turned and Studded Stool, $375

Linen Slipcovered Barstool, $560

Bedside Benton chest, $713

VaVa Vellum Desk, $4595


Lila said...

I have so many wants from this post! Chairs, mirrors, wood floors...sigh. Beautiful.
Lila Ferraro
Queen Bedroom Sets

Hamptontoes said...

I especially love the lighter woods for game tables, work tables or any surface that may be scratched easily by children or due to being used often. The lighter woods tend to mask the imperfections more than the darker polished woods. Lovely post.

The Zhush said...

Gorgeous! Just added "limed oak" stools in our kitchen, really loving the look of all this wood. You have the best eye.

Patty said...

All of these are so fantastic, I want that day bed so much!

Francine Gardner said...

i think that this was their best issue ever! and your pieces fit so well..

Deborah said...

The Reflecting Sconce is gorgeous.

Chic Coles said...

We will take anything reclaimed.


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